Veronica Mars: Season One

Warning: Minor Spoilers follow, and there’s bigger ones in the comments.

One thing VM has is the episode formula.  With a few exceptions, almost all the episodes follow this process:  Veronica finds out about case, Veronica finds obvious red herring, confronts red herring, finds real culprit, who was innocently introduced earlier in the episode, and solves the case.  Also, there’s metaplot in there someplace.

Watching over Season One again, I found it interesting that the season as a whole, the case of Lily’s murder follows this same pattern.


2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars: Season One

  1. Willow says:

    While the killer doesn’t appear until a third or so into the series, he’s casually mentioned in Veronica’s dialogue in the very first episode.

    It’s really masterfully done how he’s worked in, and has a positive arc, but then when he’s brought down at the end everything makes sense.

  2. josiah says:

    I like Veronica Mars so much. I mean, mainly because there’s no new Buffy or Angel anymore, but still.

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