Faster, Furiouser, Funner

I ran Deadlands: Reloaded tonight for a crowd of nine people.  I split them up into teams of four and five looking for the same MacGuffin.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to run a final confrontaton, but the fights I did run went very quickly and smoothly.  The big fight of the night had 17 participants on three different sides and took about 40 minutes.

I’ve gotten more of a handle on how deadly encounters tend to be; n mooks for a party of n heroes tends to be a speed bump fight.  I’d want to try 2n mooks; that seems about right for a nice encounter to bloody some noses but still leave everyone healthy and hearty.  If I want a scene to be an actual challenge, Wild Card enemies are a must.

I have more fun playing SW everytime I run it.  I have to start a game of this!


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