You Know What Phrase I Miss?

“Big-Ass.”  That’s right.  People have not been bandering about that phrase nearly as much as I would like.  Especially in context of things that can’t really be defined in terms of size, and are therefore “big-ass” because they are good.

So do your literary good deed for the day, and refer to things as “big-assed,” whether they be Big-Ass Sandwhiches, Big-Ass Hair, Big-Ass Televisions, Big-Ass Drama, or Big-Ass Ice Sculptures.


3 thoughts on “You Know What Phrase I Miss?

  1. mannabozo says:

    I’ve always kind of liked “ass” as a suffix in general: “big-ass”, “dumb-ass”, “Gay-ass”….

    aahhhhh….the never-ending transformation of the English language, eh?

  2. Willow says:

    I can’t tolerate the use of ‘gay-ass’ as an insult. Too many gay friends, who have nothing wrong with their asses.

  3. Victor Lane says:

    I can’t stand “gay” as an insult in general. Same reasons as Willow said, minus the bit about asses.

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