ABCs of Good Gaming

Just follow these 26 simple guidelines, and you’ll have a kick-ass game.

A is for Action!

B is for Burning!

C is for Car Chases!

D is for DestruXX0r!

E is for Explosions!

F is for Fights!

G is for Giant Robots!

H is for Hard Choices!

I is for Invincible Sword Princesses!

J is for Joint Decision Making!

K is for Kewl Powerz!

L is for Leaping From Rooftop to Rooftop, Pursued by Tigers!

M is for Magic Items!

N is for Nazis!

O is for Orcs!

P is for Plot Twists!

Q is for Quentin Tarrantino-esqueness!

R is for Rolling Lots and Lots of Dice!

S is for Strategy!

T is for Tactics!

U is for Undead!

V is for Vengenda!

W is for Willow!

X is for X-treme!

Y is for Ysgard!

Z is for ZOMG!


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