Taxing the Poor and Ignorant

Taxes are good.  I like taxes, especially high ones that target the rich.  I like big fat social programs for the poor, and big awesome taxes.

Except they don’t let communist economists write tax codes.  Corporate shill politicians get to do it.  Politics is how we end up with complicated tax breaks.  Anyone who’s smart enough to sit down and do the math can do their own taxes.  It’s really no harder than making a character for HERO, and if you look at it as a game to see how much money you can save or get the government to pay you, it can be quite fun.

The idle rich have people to do that for them, a class of technical experts who do people’s taxes for a living.  However, the poor don’t have the money for that, and they often don’t have the time or education necessary to sit down and do a full on hard-core tax return.  They file the shortest, simplest form they can, don’t look into their options, and take what they can get.

There are tax breaks out there to help the poor.  There’s lots of them, but the problem is that most people who qualify don’t know they exist.

So here’s a secret from me to you: if you live in Wisconsin, and make 24,500 a year or less, and you either rent or own a home, you qualify for the Wisconsin Homestead Tax Credit.  I get hundreds of dollars back every year- and its not that I had too much withheld.  The state government is literally paying me money to live here and be a working slob.

So if you’re in that income level, look into it.  You can find Schedule H & H-EZ and the instructions in a packet at your local library.  Why should the rich folks get all the tax breaks?


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