Fantastic Plattecon Adventure!, Part II

Sunday Tim and I get up around 7:30.  I now actually have an almost full night of sleep under my belt.  Breakfast is had at the hotel; I have a couple of powdered donuts that hit the spot, and some apple juice.

I have no socks; I was wearing tights under a skirt the day before, and it’s jeans today, so we stop at the Wall Mart Superstore to get socks, sodas, and snacks.

We get to the con around 9 AM, and it’s pretty much deserted, even though that’s the official start time for the Sunday morning games.  I’m flipping through the schedule and would like to play Diplomacy or a World of Darkness game; Tim is kind of following along.  We sit down at the Diplomacy table, and waffle for about an hour over how many players there actually are, and if we should play Betrayal at the House on the Hill instead.  I punch out bits for BatHotH and self-caffinate.

We end up with five for diplomacy, Tim and another new player, Bobby have never played before and are quickly taught.  Tim is Austria, Bobby is Turkey, and I’m Russia, and the other two players who have experience are France and England.  Germany and Italy have NPC status.

I open north, with St.P-GoB, Mos-St.P, Sev-Bla (bounce), and War-Gal.  I told Tim I was going to Galicia, so he shouldn’t be surprised, and could bounce me if he wanted.  My aim is on Rumania, not his centers.  He takes Serbia, and moves west towards Venice.  (A confusion over supports leaves him unable to take Venice on his first move; we allow him to open Ven-Tyr and Tyr-Adr.)  Turkey opens with the classic western noncommital opening.  France and England have an open channel, England is freaking out about my northern move.

I get Rumania with my fleet and build a new one in Sev, bounce England out of Norway and get an army in Moscow.

Tim has a very bad 1901, moving back to defend against my Galicia army, which I told him wasn’t going anywhere.  He gets no builds for doing so, when he could have gotten two.  Turkey gets two builds, France gets three, Britain gets one (Denmark?)

1902- France moves north, Britain is freaking out, I take Norway,but he winds up with Denmark and Holland by playing us both for pity and the desire to not see the guy on the other side of the isles get ahead to much, so he gets a build.  Tim comes back into the game, getting Tunis and Serbia.  Some wackiness with Turkey and Austria; they really don’t seem to know what they’re doing, despite England giving them good coaching on how to take me apart.

1903-  Tim moves his Tunisian fleet west, screwing around with France in Iberia, and putting France’s conquest of Italy on hold.  France and England seem to call a truce, but they could just be maneuvering for position.  I get a fleet in Skaggerak and an army in Sweden, primed to take Denmark, but Norway is likely to fall the next turn.  Austria supports Turkey into Rumania, displacing my fleet, but Austria bounces Turkey out of Bulgaria, leaving the Turkish army trapped.  In the fall, I convince Tim to support me back into Rumania, but I misorder F Sevastapol to Bulgaria.  Frickin Bulgaria.

Tim is clearly only playing because I want to, and it’s getting late in the session, so I suggest we call it, and nominate France as the winner.  Surprisingly, the other players insist I count as a winner as well.  I expect that in an extended game, the -Bul misplay would have cost me the game.  Frickin Bulgaria.

I don’t think Tim had a very good time, and for what it’s worth, I’ve played better games of Diplomacy.

Event W/L: 1-0

Total Con W/L: 7-2

Tim and I end up playing Dungeon, a homebrew game.  It has a big-ass plastic dungeon, made by the GM, mage-knight and other minis for peices.  I was skeptical when I first saw people playing it on Saturday, dismissing it as another Fantasy Heartbreaker, but I have heard nothing but good things of it all weekend, and everyone who has played before is clamoring to the GM to get in, giving him a list of alternates.  Tim and I, being new to it, get in.  He’s a little skeptical and seems slightly down after the Diplomacy game, but after reading the rules, I’m really jazzed.

One essentially has 5 hp per level, and there’s three attack methods: melee (which always hits, and does damage equal to Strength plus some number), ranged (which difficultly is based on distance; within squares equal to Agility +1, hitting is automatic, damage is based on the weapon), and magic (you get X magic points each turn, with a good spell that lets you do X damage to something each turn.)  I ask Tim what kind of character he wants to play; he goes for wizardry so I make a broken chest-ganker, with high Speed (to add to my movement every round), and high Agility (to evade traps and get good ranged attacks.)  I run up ahead and get lots of treasure, and end up dying when one of them is a trap and I fail my evade trap skill by one.  I eventually reclaim my loot, so it’s okay.

Tim has a quest card that involves poisoning a pool of fishmen; I run ahead and grab lots of loot once he draws their aggro, and decide to investigate the fishmen pool, thinking there might be more loot inside.  Bad move.  That pisses off the fishmen, and they start spawning outside the pool each turn.  I can’t use my Slingshot while they’re adjacent, and my Strength and Magic of 0 give me no offensive options.  However, I have two suits of armor and a healing potion, meaning I can hold out against them for at least 12 turns.  I only need three or four before Tim and another player show up, clear out most of the Lizard men, and free me.

Now we’re in two party camps of three players each; the other team goes west to the orcs, we go east to the undead.  I get a quest that makes me incorporeal and super fast; I run errands for some of the dungeon NPCs for a few turns, and since I have movement points to spare, dash off to the Dragon’s lair and flip it the bird.  Because I can.

Tim, me, and the other player on our team head off and start cleaning out the crypts.  I get most of the loot.  Tim stands on a point that looks out into the first ‘zone’ of the end-game area, and casts a lighting bolt with a x4 damage modifier; with his longbow he takes out two really big dudes and gains like three levels.  I negotiate a talent contract with a skeleton with a lovely singing voice, kill the crap out of an undead boss and get the Boneshredder, a non-Strength based melee weapon that lets me kill the crap out of dudes and not need to worry about ammo.  Many more chests are gotten.  One of my teammates returns to town with five chests, one of which I suspect was ill-gotten.  (They were mage knight dungeons chests; they have various treasure values or ‘trap’ displayed.  I saw him open one, and twist the little knob that clicks it over to the next value.  Not quite kosher.  Unsure of whether to confront it or not, I let it slide, since the GM is having all the players handle their own math.)  I steal 1d4, or 4, of his chests with a single-use spell, so it’s not a big deal.  I cash in all my chests and have like 9000 gold.  The weekend high is in the 13,000s. 

My new quest is Backstab; I’ll get to that later.  Meanwhile, I hand off the spells I can’t use to Tim, including a teleport spell, which he uses and goes to a room in the end-level dungeon, drops a one-shot spell that kills everything in the area, and then does some more spells, and hits level 9.  He aggros like three end-game bosses, and actually manages to survive to his next turn, and kills a mook he needs to hit level 10 (max level), then dies, respawning at the entryway.  He doesn’t even have any loot, so it’s no loss.

With a well-planned combo, our teammate teleports into the dragons lair, takes all the loot, and then uses a temporary can’t-be-attacked-item to live.  On his next turn he teleports out, hands me a bunch of loot and all his gold, putting me over the top.  It’s a good thing he did too, other wise I’d have to kill him and take his stuff.

My Backstab quest gives me a piddly 5 xp for killing a teammate, but that’s not the point.  I’m sizing up Tim and our other guy.  He gave me all his gold anyways, so it’s too much trouble to take him out.  I eye Tim cunningly; he has 55 hp and I can do 48 in one turn.  The game doesn’t go on long enough for him to take the 7 damage I need to one-turn kill him.

I end up with the most gold, basically winning the event and getting the most gold over the weekend.  So that counts as 2 wins.

Event W/L: 2-0

Total Con W/L: 9-2

We go home, get food, watch some Sin City, and I get some much needed sleep.


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