Just Ask Willow

Someone on the internet asked, “How can a President become successful by overcoming seperation of powers?”

I’m glad you asked.  Not that it’s not “how can a President become successful in overcoming seperation of powers?”  To which my answer would just be “try unconstitutional things until something sticks.”  Also one might broadly interpret to Congress’s post 9/11 legislation to pursue terrorists abroad, (even though it’s the judiciary’s duty to interpret the law).

No, we’re assuming the president (excuse me, a president) is acting outside the constitutionally defined bounds of the executive branch, and perhaps is setting policy, perhaps by secretly pursuing wiretaps on the government’s own citizens without warrants or a court order.

(Note that our government doesn’t do that.  Anymore.  They decided to ask for the court order, and got it.  Was that really so hard?)

It’s really quite easy.  Once you’ve gotten the power of rule by decree under your belt, the world is your oyster.  Because that’s why we have seperation of powers: to prevent the world from being any one man’s oyster.


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