I had a dentist’s appointment this morning.  Getting short term dental insurance to cover the check-up was a pain in the butt and overpriced, and I don’t intend to keep it.  It’s even more of a scam than actual insurance.

I’ve been having pains in some of my teeth recently, which has been a real oh-noes moment and a source of worry and stress.  I am finally coming out of the previous money hole, and am looking to save for the next (possibly grad school), and really don’t need to be worrying about fillings or (worse), another root canal.

X-rays were taken, and it turns out it’s just my chronic grinding acting up again, and I should get a new mouth guard for wearing at night, which will cost about $100 after insurance (and that actually goes on my health insurance, so is reliable.)  So yay no root canals.  And the old root canal is looking healthy, which is good.

So that’s some big fat relief off my back.  Also, if anyone’s looking for a good dentist in the downtown Madison area, I recommend Stanley Pollan.  He has a very fun ‘bedside manner’, and his staff is friendly and energetic, and he seems to really know his stuff.  He also did my mostly-painless root canal a few years back, and I haven’t had any problems with it.


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