It’s Been a Rough Weekend

It was some sort of school wrestling event in Madison this weekend.  Friday and Saturday night I had a packed hotel, full of kids running around and drunken parents.

The hotel is not a babysitter.  Eventually, something horrible is going to happen to some unnattended kid, and the hotel’s going to get blamed for it.  I’m tired of running around chasing down kids who roam from floor to floor, trying to get them to either stay in one place or go to their rooms.

The hotel is not having a party in the room across from you.  I know it’s loud, and you’re paying a lot of money for a night of rest.  But I can’t respond to these things instantly, and sometimes I can’t even know it’s going on until someone complains.  I deal with these things the best I can, but it’s always unpleasant.  And taking your frustration out on me makes me less sympathetic to help you, not more.

The hotel is not your personal playhouse.  Just because you rent a whole lot of rooms does not give you liscence to disturb other guests.  Even if you have most of a floor.  Even if you have a whole floor- there’s still other people above and below.  If I have to, I will call the cops and have you kicked out.  No one wants that, so please keep things reasonably quiet, keep the doors shut so sound doesn’t travel, and have someone designated to watch the kids so you get to have a good time with your friends, the other guests get to have a good nights sleep, and I have a non-stressful night where I don’t have to come down on you.


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