Vampire is Not About Politics

Politics is about the polis, the city, the whole, and not the individual.  The schemes of vampires are about the self, and petty intrigues.

Vampires call what they do ‘politics,’ but they do not know the meaning of the word.  Mind control powers, blood bonds over your enemies, half remembered texts by Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Marx, and Dracula, the ability to bootlick and toady to those more powerful than you, and the propensity to screw over those less powerful than you does not make you a Politician.  It makes you a petty, gossiping, backstabbing locust feeding off society.*

Unless you are thinking of something larger than yourself, you are not a Politician, and you are not engaging in Politics.

If you could ask your Vampire character what public-policy goals they have, what would their answer be.  (Things like ‘my own survival,’ ‘my own comfort,’ ‘my childe’s survival,’ and the like are personal goals, not public-policy ones.)  Chances are they don’t have any, or if they do, it’s a cookie-cutter, party line “advance the goals of my covenant” screed.

Hell, even D&D characters tend to have more actualized public-policy goals: overthrow the evil Emperor, overthrow the evil church, free the slaves, restore justice, make life better for peasants, unite the good countries to stand against the evil countries, etc.

(*The mortal petty, gossiping, backstabbing, locusts that feed off society actually have interests, and constituents, and generally are trying to work towards an actual long-term agenda other than their own petty survival and comfort.  So they actually ARE politicians.)


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