Best of Willowrants: Volume II

It’s the best posts of the last six months, all in one convienient post.  Hey, didn’t I do something like this a while ago?   This one has even more best posts, which means I’m either writing more great material, or my standards have declined.  You be the judge!

Game Design:

What’s in a Name?

What Makes a Kewl Power?

Games Need Diminishing Returns

Action Points

Game Modding:  Taking A Task-Based System and Turning it into a Conflict Resolution System:
Drifting HERO
Conflicting Task Resolution:

Game Resources:

Burning Vampires:

The Deadlands Files

Battlestar Fujiyama

Game Rants/Theory:

From Whence Character?

Splat is Not Character

When Do We Game?  (See the comments for the meat of the discussion.)

ABCs of Good Gaming

Con Report:
Fantastic Plattecon Adventure!

Novel Writing:
Novel Woot!


One thought on “Best of Willowrants: Volume II

  1. Heya,

    Thanks, Willow. I was hoping to catch up on everything you have written.



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