Multilevel Marketing: It’s a Scam!

Yeah really.  I was doing some research on Market America, and came across this blog site.

Multilevel Marketing, or MLM, claims to work under the following principle- you buy stuff, and sell it!  You’re a self made sales person.  That aint too bad (it aint too great either.)

The wrinkle- you can recruit others.  If they buy stuff and sell it, they get money, and you get money too.  There’s “downstream income” (as they call it in the biz).

If you just thought ‘pyramid scheme,’ you win.

3 thoughts on “Multilevel Marketing: It’s a Scam!

  1. Danny Shah says:

    Well, you are right about that. But people do make crazy money with multi level marketing. Thuosands of people are millionaires because of MLM buisness and it’s a fact

  2. Willow says:

    I should hope MLM generates millionaires, otherwise it’s not a very effective scam for those at the top, now is it?

    Thousands of people? That strikes me as an exaggeration, not fact.

  3. Poh Tun Kai says:

    My father spent years and a great deal of money in an MLM, and one thing that does is to create enough cognitive dissonance that you are unable to say the words “this is a pyramid scheme” because that would say something about your bad decison.

    Many people are trapped in MLMs because of this. Given how far some MLMs have spread in Asia, I’d say thousands of millionaires is not an exaggeration because there are simply that many more victims at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Oh yeah, nice blog, Willow. 🙂

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