The Government Can Freeze Your Assets

If it suspects you might impede progess in Iraq in some way, or it suspects you might assist someone who might do that.  (Or basically if it doesn’t like you.)

Yeah, really.

What can you do about it?  Get mad, write your representatives in Congress.  You know, your senators and your representative.  Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, this is in direct violation of the constitution.  It’ll only take you five minutes, and it makes sure they know you’re listening and aren’t going to take it.

Here, I’ll even right the letter for you:


I would like to call your attention to President Bush’s recent unconstitutional Executive Order:

In this terrifing edict, President Bush has essentially rescinded the freedom of property enjoyed by every American- giving the government the right to freeze assets of people who have done nothing wrong other than be alleged to be potential threats.

We must stop this ravaging of our constitution and the rights of our citizens.  I call upon you, THEIR NAME AND POSITION, to do what is right in this manner and fight for the public.

A concerned citizen,



One thought on “The Government Can Freeze Your Assets

  1. slivermoon22 says:

    why am i not the least bit surprised and more and more angry.

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