What Japanese Demon am I?

Yup, it’s another internet quiz for filler. 

My score on The Japanese Demon Profile Test:

    (You scored 24  in Malice and 13 in Chaos!)

“The Jyorougumo, or “Spider demon,” is a demon of the class “Henge,” or shape-shifting demons. Jyorougumo is a terrible beast which normally disguises itself as a woman, much like a cat-demon,
in order to seduce men and drain the life from them during lovemaking. Unlike the Obakeneko, however, the spider demon is just as comfortable remaining in its true form, residing in caves and dark places where it devours those who pass by. It is also highly selective in its choice of
prey; Jyorougumo will not attack those it calculates to be of greater strength than itself, for it is also a cowardly demon. Its most common prey are women, children, and feeble old men.

The Jyorougumo has no other purpose in life but to feed, and takes great pleasure in slowly and agonizingly sucking the life from its victims. It will whisper horrible threats to its prey, hoping to evoke the kind of fear and terror which demons of the underworld thrive on. There is no befriending an Jyorougumo; they have no need for companionship and no respect for bravery or honor. The Jyorougumo is truly a terrible beast.”


Take it!


2 thoughts on “What Japanese Demon am I?

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  2. I came up as Yuurei. Here’s what it says.

    “The Yuurei are the lost souls of those whose lives were abruptly ended in the midst of great distress or emotion. They are pale, white spectres nearly indistinguishable from humans, except that they possess no legs, indicative of their detachment from the earthly world. Yuurei haunt the place of their deaths, waiting for the opportunity to fulfil some incomplete purpose.

    Yuurei are more commonly female than male, victims of male cruelty or neglect. Those who become Yuurei typically die violent deaths, whether by suicide or by murder; they become trapped on earth until they have taken care of unfinished business. Male Yuurei are less common, although a slain warrior may become one in order to set the record straight regarding the manner of his death, i.e. to clear his name from disgrace.

    Although most Yuurei are relatively harmless, some may become “Obake-Yuurei,” or monster ghosts. Obake-Yuurei, instead of restricting their passions to reasonable limits, are wont to loose their rage and sorrow on any people who happen to be unlucky enough to pass by.”

    Truth be told, if I were a demon, my guess is that it wouldn’t be what effectively amounts to a ghost.

    Say, what is the general nature or essence of demons in Japanese mythology? I’d like to know.

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