Live From Gencon: Day Zero

Indianapolis smells like piss.

Ok, I got ahead of myself.  We left the house at 5:30, actually ahead of schedule.  Raw poptarts were eaten for breakfast.  Snacks for the car were packed under luggage, making them unreachable.  My Al Franken book, “The Truth with Jokes,” made me angry as I read it (at Bush, not Franken), so I couldn’t read it for very long without having to stop, which made the ride a little tedious.  We arrived in Indy around 1:30 local time.

The Hilton is very nice, although our cardkeys didn’t work the first time around and they couldn’t put the names for our two late arrivals on the room, despite it being perfectly okay to have two late arrivals.

Then we went out and had lunch and picked up my badge, and experienced the wonderful smell of Indianapolis (piss).  The GenCon swag bags are pretty awesome this year, with a booster box of tanks and dudes for some WWII game, and a big nice box that has pregen decks for the WoW CCG.  There was a pack of Spoils, and I have to say that each card made me laugh.

Tonight- searching the itenerary for the events I want to do, mostly Shadowfist and seminars.  Possible gaming in the hotel.

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