Live From Gencon: Day One

I may have judged Indianapolis incorrectly when I said it smelt like piss.  It also smells like cigarette smoke.

Morning the boyfriend taking more time in the shower than any of the women, eating breakfast at an overpriced restuarant, albiet less overpriced than the hotel buffet.

At Games on Demand, Tim and I played Tangled Fates, run by Famous Game Designer Kat Miller, who also is the big kahuna of Games on Demand.  It looks like a great game- it has much of the evocative art feel of Everway, but uses a bidding system that makes conflicts something better than GM fiat.  I’ll be picking up this one when it comes out next year.

I played the Dragon Lady, exiled from my homeland, and caught up in the struggle between my brother the Dragon Prince, and my father, the Dragon King, who wanted to kill each other.  The other players killed off my dad, which made me kind of pissed off at them, so I did some stuff to magically ensorcel the Dragon Prince’s minion (one of the PC’s.)

I played in the Shadowfist Comrades in Arms tournament, where I played my Hero deck, loaded with Wandering Hero goodness.  Unfortunately, the combo is fragile, and I ran up against Final Brawls, giving me a 1-2 record.  Most intriguing deck I saw was Joshua Kroengold’s (sp?) Pawn deck, with massively discounted and pumped Manchus.

Later, games were demo’d, and Ashcans were picked up.  We played Bronze & Blood, a $70 hand made limited edition game, where I played Sparta.  (SPAAARRRRRTTAAAAA!!!!)

I then got in a fascinating conversation with Famous Game Designer Josuha “Ace” Newman, enthusiast of Carry, who I once accused of being mysoginistic on the Grumbling Dwarf.  I apologized, and accused him of being patriachial.  We discussed a lot of stuff about Carry, how tied the setting is into the system, and whether or not we like exploring stuff that bothers us in the real world in game, or if we should escape from it.  (With guest uninterested party Famous Game Designer Tony LB- also a member of the patriarchy.)  Josh and I made fast friends, and reached an agreement that Carry isn’t for me, although plenty of people, even those not a member of the patriarchy, manage to have a perfectly fun time playing Carry.

Carry is not badwrongfun.  There.  I said it.

Joshua and I talked about my aims for future game design- Warriors from the Mystic Mountain, and Lesbian Stripper Ninjas from the 5th Dimension (the latter of which is supposed to be badwrongfun.)  Joshua was really rocking out over some of my ideas, and we have to talk later.

Then the Shadowfist Draft event.  3 packs of Shuirkens and Sixguns, 3 packs of Critical Shift.  I drafted a pretty beefy Syndicate/Monarchs deck, with lots of 3/4 characters, Song the Little Dragon, the Mistress of the Bloated Midnight, and a LaGrange Four.  I went 2-1, but my second win was a time-out win.  Despite my good tie breakers, a time out win counts less.  D’oh.  My game against Famous Game Designers Zev & Julian Lightton was very thrilling- I’m pretty sure I would have won if I had more time, but Julian would have decked out and I would have had to scrap a site away from Zev.  Didn’t make the finals- there were 5 2-1s.  Oh well, good practice for the big event on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Live From Gencon: Day One

  1. Braz says:

    And what effective practice it was, obviously. :^)

  2. Hey, Willow, email me. Ron’s looking for you and I can’t find your email address.

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