Live From Gencon: Day Zero, Part II

After the events of my last post, a number of fun things occured, including, but not limited to, checking out the gaming occuring in the lobby of one of the more popular hotels, where I was introduced to Story Games favorite non-Story Game Jungle Speed, and was repeatedly beat down by Famous Game Designer Tony LB.  I flubbed grabbing a block of wood, sending it spinning towards my temple.  Good times.  I expressed a desire to buy it later. 

Also, I demoed Dirty Secrets, a new game by Famous Game Designer Ben Seth-Ezra, which I was very interested in and expressed a desire to purchase later.

Luckily, I would not have to purchase either later, as the boyfriend would…

Went back to the hotel to crash, saw, roommate and Famous Game Podcaster Clyde L. Roher doing interviews in the lobby.

Oh, and one of my roommates has a urinary tract infection.  😦


One thought on “Live From Gencon: Day Zero, Part II

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