Post Gen-Con Report: Day Four

I was hoping to play in the Shadowfist draft Sunday, but Tim and I slept in really late, Chris was hogging the bathroom (I think he was actually taking a bath in there or something), and we had to pack up the car and check out of the hotel, so we didn’t reach the con until 11 or so.  Next year, we’re planning on leaving Monday so we don’t have to deal with this.

I took a lot of photos Sunday, because I ran out of film on my first camera, and Tim wanted to take another picture- so I had to shoot up a lot of film after that.  Most of those photos will not make it online, since many of them are of my cats.

We hung out at the Forge booth, and demoed some more games- Emily Care Boss’s Shooting the Moon, a demo of Spirit of the Century, which we already knew how to play but wanted to see how the pros do it, and Luke Crane’s Blossoms Are Falling.

Much wandering around was done, and last minute purchases were made.  We went to the Games on Demand area and played a demo/playtest of Mike Holmes’ Otherworlds, which is very similar to Heroquest (the rpg, not the boardgame).  If you like that game, you’ll like Otherworlds.

Tim wanted to eat in Champaign Illinois (which they spelled wrong), but Clyde, Charlotte, and I made a coup- we wanted to eat sooner, not later, preferably at a restaurant with silverware, which brought us to the Indianapolis TGI Friday’s.

It rained a lot on the way home.


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