Top Ten Shadowfist Cards

Over on the Shadowfist mailing list, Daniel Greico is compiling people’s picks of the best ten Shadowfist cards.

Of course, all he had to do was ask me.  I AM the world champion, after all.

#10-  Dangerous Experiment
Why It’s #10, And Also The Best Alternate Power Generation in the Game:
It makes 5 power.  Every time.  No other event can match that.  Also, with help from the other player, it can foil and attack.
Why It’s Not Higher:
It can be hard to ramp up to that many resources, the toasting can be a drag.  Caution is advised in exercising Dangerous Experiments.  It also doesn’t directly win you games.

#9- Shield of Pure Soul
Why It’s #9, And Also The Best Edge in The Game:
Getting a power and any card of your choice for losing a site is a fair trade off, and this wards off attacks more effectively than any other card I’ve seen- the power of giving a player exactly what they want is strong.  It’s also very easy to get out, and hard to get rid of.
Why It’s Not Higher:
It doesn’t win you games.

#8- Whirlpool of Blood
Why It’s #8, And Also the Best Feng Shui Site in the Game
Everyone plays Feng Shui Sites.  Many of those sites turn, in ways designed to help your opponents win, or stop you from winning.  Whirlpool cancels them, and serves both offense and defense.  It is also a counter for the #8 card on this list when you need your own plans to come to fruition.
Why It’s Not Higher:
You can’t win games with just sites.

#7- Iron Monkey
Why He’s #7:
Superleap is great, but the real kicker is the power stealing ability.  If timed right, Iron Monkey can pay for himself the turn he comes out, and more than that over the course of the game, feeding off those who burn for power.  He can also take poorly defended sites.  Also combos well with Rigorous Discipline.
Why He’s Not Higher:
At 5 fighting, he needs some help to take sites regularly; he’s not likely to win the game for you, but he sure gets you going.

#6- Brain Fire
Why It’s #6
Because having your characters killed by denial events sucks.  This cancels that, puts the whammy on someone else, and is free.
Why It’s Not Higher:
Clogs hand against some factions, notably Dragons.

#5- Dr. Amanda Snow
Why She’s #5
Because she’s got a built in personal Spirit Pole that allows you to take states from anyone’s smoked pile- my favorites are Amulet of the Tortise and Shurikens, but there are many many fun states to pull out there and reuse on her.  Also, Guts and site immunity are good.
Why She’s Not Higher:
No (built-in) evasion or event immunity, which would take her from a very cool ability to a character that’s nigh unstoppable.

#4- Gold Lion
Why He’s #4, And the Best Character in The Game
5 for 8 is a good ratio.  He only needs 1 faction resource.  Superleap against most opponents, and a built in healing effect.  Two good abilities, at a very competitive price point.
Why He’s Not Higher:
His faction doesn’t see much play; imagine if he were a Dragon or Hand.

#3-  Shadowy Mentor
Why It’s #3, And The Best State in the Game
Even at 4 power, you’re still getting a hitter… for 4 power.  While denying your opponent one.  And sometimes getting states or other goodies out of the deal.  Generally, my opponents play good cards, and many factions have better hitters than the Ascended.
Why It’s Not Higher:
There’s quite a bit of Mentor denial out there.  4 power isn’t the easiest to get, but the swing’s still worth noting.

#2-  Nerve Gas
Why It’s #2, And Also Better Than Imprisoned
Most characters cost more than one power.  Nerve gas kills them for one.  Also, they generally can’t come back, whereas they might with Imprisoned.  Tech and Magic requiring characters are certainly out there, but they don’t seem to dominate the game.  This stops attacks for the win, and kills interceptors during your own attack.
Why It’s Not Higher:
Sometimes you run into a pesky Magic or Tech character.

#1-  Golden Comeback
Why It’s the Best Card in the Game:
Characters are how you win.  This lets you play a game-winning character for 2 power- one that would quite likely cost 5 or more otherwise.  You can reuse your favorite hitters, and it lets you bring back the one most suited towards the current game state.  It can even be used on defense.  At only one resource, it’s certainly worth splashing (as I did to win GenCon.)

One thought on “Top Ten Shadowfist Cards

  1. KingDon says:

    I unearthed a box of about 1000 Shadowfist cards, mostly Daedalus stuff. I want to build some decks for my son and i to play with. Do you know of any resources for deck building with “base set” cards?

    Love your list. the only cards i have are 2 Shadowy Mentor and 6 Nerve Gas

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