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Playtest, Playtest, Playtest

Saturday’s session revealed a couple of things about Warriors- one was that for a combat focused game, the combats really seem to drag on.

Another was that there wasn’t really any reward for high attack rolls.  Another is that mook rules are conspicuously missing.  Another was that I have no idea how to balance the chi economy yet.

Head on over to to check out all the gory details!


So apparently, according to science, subatomic particles (which interact with, well, everything, in all sorts of crazy ways) have their behavior influenced by brain waves.

Which doesn’t seem particularly controversial, but it might have some startling implications for SCIENCE! down the line.

A sufficiently self-aware and disciplined individual, (perhaps a post-human), with the mental control needed to finely control one’s brain waves.

Control thyself, control thy world.