This Was the Best We Had to Offer?

I’ve been toying around with Xbox Live Arcade, which has a number of free demos for downloadable games, and the games themselves are very cheap.  (I’m likely to fork over some cash for the Carcassone one, with online play!)  I saw that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was on there, and downloaded the demo for that one.

Is it just me, or has that not aged well?

I realize that the start is an homage to older games, with the art intentionally 8-bitty, but even the interface and the into text were pretty blocky.

 At the time, it was a favorite game of mine- I never owned it, but I rented it more than one.  I recall it being an excellent platformer- but looking back, the gameplay seems simplistic, some of the art pedestrian (but there are still some rather good bits- when I killed a big bear thing it blew up in a very sastisfying way.)

But time moves on, and the great games of yesteryear become the ‘meh’ games of today.

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