Calling all Artists!

I’m working on a game (Awesome Adventures), and I need some Awesome Art!

What I’m Looking For:
Pictures of awesome people doing awesome things. (Preferably Black & White, in electronic format.)
Non-exclusive rights to use the pictures in Awesome Adventures and any derivitive products.

What You Get:
Unfortunately, I don’t have an art budget, so I can’t offer any monetary compensation. But you do get:
To keep all other rights to your art (which means you still own it, you can sell it to someone else, you can use it in whatever other means you please)
Full credit in the book- you name, and a link to your online gallery, if you like.

There’s no need to make any new art for this- if you have something you’ve got laying around that’s awesome, and you’d like to get a little free publicity, that’s the kind of arrangement I had in mind. If I find an artist who’s work I really really adore, I may want to commission a full color cover, with money being involved.

If you’re interested, send me an email, or just leave a comment, and we’ll go from there.


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