Index Cards Rock

I just want everyone out there to know: Index Cards are one of the best game tools out there.

You can jot notes on them.  You can shuffle them.  You can move them around the table.  You can put them in your pocket.  You can stack them.  They are cheap.

Some things I’ve used them for:

Having one for each player in Awesome Adventures, so I have all the aspects laid out in front of me.

Keeping notes for a Villain- just enough room that things don’t get unwieldly.

Dealing out Novels for Guest Star roles in Awesome Adventures.

The D&D Initiative Deck:  Deal ’em up, stack ’em up in order.  Whoever’s on top goes next, then put their card on the bottom.  If someone holds, take their card out, put it back in when they act.  Cyclic actions made easy.

I’m reading Dirty Secrets, and it uses Index Cards for mini character sheets.  Hellz yeah.

What are you using index cards for?


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