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In America, society is dominated by the masses, which as a whole, are ignorant, uneducated, and horribly misled.  This is the fault of the establishment, not of the individual, but the American situation is horribly horribly ruined.  Politicians pander to emotions, not the best interests of the people.  Corporations, with a unified voice and hefty pocket, have the most influence over the land.  Advertisments entice and sway rather than inform.

Maybe we need a new nation.  A nation for the disgusted intelligenstia.  Let’s construct a giant artificial island somewhere in a pleasant climate band (let’s make it floating and mobile, because as the intelligent elite, we know that climate band is going to be moving.)  And let’s require a rigorous citizenship test. testing the individual both for intelligence, but for passion for the essential values of such a community- peace, environmental sustainability, civic pride, democracy, and work ethic.  Let us call it Technotopia, let it be a small but prosperous community where democracy can truly work because the community can truly come out for a meeting of the minds, and reason can prevail.  Let it be a bastion of scientific research and progress, with avenues of research unrestricted by the hand of outside religious beliefs.  Let it be a center of learning, with a great university staffed and attended by great minds from across the world.  Let it be a center of technology, with great programmers writing cutting edge computer code, as the Nation’s greatest export.

Let it be a haven for the best and brightest of us, to lead the rest of the world by shining example.

Awesome Adventures- Art Layout Done!

After some grueling hair pulling frustration, I figured out how to do some simple art layout, and get everything where I want it.  The book’s looking pretty darn good.  I want to give a shout out here to Caroline Berg for providing so much awesome art for the game!

What’s left?  Table of Contents, and Indexing.

Also, if anyone out there would like to take a look at my manuscript and give it a copy edit once-over, I would be very grateful.

Here’s What I Played in 2007

I may have overlooked a game or two.

Agon- Finally played! Thanks Brendan!

Awesome Adventures- Ran many, many times. Also got to play thanks to Brendan and Len.

Beast Hunters- Played, thanks to Tim, and ran for Zack.

Bliss Stage- Ran a full game.

Blood and Bronze- Tried a few times.

Blossoms are Falling- Played in a one-shot ran by Daniel.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Played in a long running campaign run by Mike.

Burning Wheel- Ran the con scenario “the Gift” at OshCon.

Cyberpunk- Played in Tom’s one-shot

Dirty Secrets- Played a one-shot.

Dogs in the Vineyard- Ran many, many times

Dread- Ran two one-shots.

Dust Devils- Played in a fantastic one-shot ran by Daniel at OshCon.

Eyes That Burn- Played in Tim’s diceless Vampire: the Masquerade game.

Galactic- Ran a full game.

HERO- Ran a one-shot.

HeroQuest- Played a con one-shot, kind of wish I hadn’t.

It Was a Mutal Decision- Played, to a fairly happy conclusion.

InSpectres- Played at OshCon, ran by Daniel.

Mage: the Awakening- Ran a short campaign, “Wormwood’s Wake.”

Mountain Witch- Ran many, many times.

My Life With Master- Played with the Master himself, Micheal S. Miller at Gencon, then ran at OshCon.

Otherworlds- Played a demo, ran by Mike Holmes.

Paranoia- Ran a one-shot.

Poison’d- Ran a time or two.

Polaris- Played for a few weeks.

Promethean: The Created- Played in Doc’s One-Shot

Roanoake- Played a one-shot.

Savage Worlds- Ran Savage Fantasy Campaign, several one-shot demos, played in a BSG one-shot ran by Len

Scion- Played in a mini-shot ran by Tom.

Shab-al-Hiri-Roach- Played a few times.

Shadow of Yesterday- Played in a one-shot ran by Tim.

Shooting the Moon- Played in a one-shot with Tim and Sabe.

Spirit of the Century- Ran many times, got so inspired I designed my own lite-variant.

Spirit of the Masquerade- Playtested Tim’s V:tM hack for SotC.

Tangled Fates- Played Kat Miller’s yet to be released game.

True20- Played in Colin’s “War Never Changes” Apocalypse Game

Universalis- While not technically a “game,” I “played” this.

Warriors From the Mystic Mountain- Ran a playtest session. Hope to pick up this design down the road.

We the Jury- Played in Len’s playtest.

Awesome Adventures- Text Done!

The rules text of AA is finally done.  Done done done.  All that’s left is layout, a table of contents, and an index.

Yes, and index.  Other game designers- those are key.  Don’t skimp on them.

It feels good to be able to say this.