Here’s What I Played in 2007

I may have overlooked a game or two.

Agon- Finally played! Thanks Brendan!

Awesome Adventures- Ran many, many times. Also got to play thanks to Brendan and Len.

Beast Hunters- Played, thanks to Tim, and ran for Zack.

Bliss Stage- Ran a full game.

Blood and Bronze- Tried a few times.

Blossoms are Falling- Played in a one-shot ran by Daniel.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Played in a long running campaign run by Mike.

Burning Wheel- Ran the con scenario “the Gift” at OshCon.

Cyberpunk- Played in Tom’s one-shot

Dirty Secrets- Played a one-shot.

Dogs in the Vineyard- Ran many, many times

Dread- Ran two one-shots.

Dust Devils- Played in a fantastic one-shot ran by Daniel at OshCon.

Eyes That Burn- Played in Tim’s diceless Vampire: the Masquerade game.

Galactic- Ran a full game.

HERO- Ran a one-shot.

HeroQuest- Played a con one-shot, kind of wish I hadn’t.

It Was a Mutal Decision- Played, to a fairly happy conclusion.

InSpectres- Played at OshCon, ran by Daniel.

Mage: the Awakening- Ran a short campaign, “Wormwood’s Wake.”

Mountain Witch- Ran many, many times.

My Life With Master- Played with the Master himself, Micheal S. Miller at Gencon, then ran at OshCon.

Otherworlds- Played a demo, ran by Mike Holmes.

Paranoia- Ran a one-shot.

Poison’d- Ran a time or two.

Polaris- Played for a few weeks.

Promethean: The Created- Played in Doc’s One-Shot

Roanoake- Played a one-shot.

Savage Worlds- Ran Savage Fantasy Campaign, several one-shot demos, played in a BSG one-shot ran by Len

Scion- Played in a mini-shot ran by Tom.

Shab-al-Hiri-Roach- Played a few times.

Shadow of Yesterday- Played in a one-shot ran by Tim.

Shooting the Moon- Played in a one-shot with Tim and Sabe.

Spirit of the Century- Ran many times, got so inspired I designed my own lite-variant.

Spirit of the Masquerade- Playtested Tim’s V:tM hack for SotC.

Tangled Fates- Played Kat Miller’s yet to be released game.

True20- Played in Colin’s “War Never Changes” Apocalypse Game

Universalis- While not technically a “game,” I “played” this.

Warriors From the Mystic Mountain- Ran a playtest session. Hope to pick up this design down the road.

We the Jury- Played in Len’s playtest.


3 thoughts on “Here’s What I Played in 2007

  1. Heya,

    How do you have time for all this? I am SO jealous! I wish I could play that many games in a year. So tell me, did you have fun playing them? Which one stands out as the best? Which one stands out as the worst?



  2. Willow says:

    I typically game either three or four nights a week, in a group that focuses on one-shots and mini-games. Pretty much ideal for playing tons and tons of games.

    You may notice that I ran the vast majority of those. Some of those, my experience was somewhat tainted by gamemastering fatigue (Mage the Awakening, Galactic) but still positive.

    The absolute best gaming had to be the entire OshCon experience. If you haven’t read my post about the Septathalon (it’s in the Best Of section), do so! It was an absolutely amazing marathon gaming session.

    The single worst experience was probably Tom’s Scion game. Tom’s GMing style clashes with my play style (which also led to an unhappy Cyberpunk experience), but I’m going to place the blame here on White Wolf for releasing such a terrible game.

    HeroQuest also stands out as a notable bust; played it at a con where half the session was the GM droning on about background information.

  3. Jule says:

    wow I have played only six of the systems in your list, but I have played another 30 systems more. I am from Germany. It seems to me that it is easier to play very unique and a lot of smaller systems than here. Just some examples DSA, Degenesis, All flesh must be eaten. Weird war, Orpheus, Goblins ate my Baby, In Nomine Satanis …..

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