In America, society is dominated by the masses, which as a whole, are ignorant, uneducated, and horribly misled.  This is the fault of the establishment, not of the individual, but the American situation is horribly horribly ruined.  Politicians pander to emotions, not the best interests of the people.  Corporations, with a unified voice and hefty pocket, have the most influence over the land.  Advertisments entice and sway rather than inform.

Maybe we need a new nation.  A nation for the disgusted intelligenstia.  Let’s construct a giant artificial island somewhere in a pleasant climate band (let’s make it floating and mobile, because as the intelligent elite, we know that climate band is going to be moving.)  And let’s require a rigorous citizenship test. testing the individual both for intelligence, but for passion for the essential values of such a community- peace, environmental sustainability, civic pride, democracy, and work ethic.  Let us call it Technotopia, let it be a small but prosperous community where democracy can truly work because the community can truly come out for a meeting of the minds, and reason can prevail.  Let it be a bastion of scientific research and progress, with avenues of research unrestricted by the hand of outside religious beliefs.  Let it be a center of learning, with a great university staffed and attended by great minds from across the world.  Let it be a center of technology, with great programmers writing cutting edge computer code, as the Nation’s greatest export.

Let it be a haven for the best and brightest of us, to lead the rest of the world by shining example.


One thought on “Technotopia

  1. Justice (from the Grumbling Dwarf) says:

    Hope you don’t mind-clicked over from the dwarf, saw this post, and thought you might find this interesting:

    It’s quite a story if you follow it out.

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