Here’s Some Stuff I Did at Forge Midwest

First, an apology- I was really fricking tired last weekend, so if I seemed irritated with you, it’s probably not your fault.  Unless you were being really irritating.

This isn’t going to read like most of my con reports, since of said tiredness, and as I felt a bit like a hostess and saleswoman, I percieved the event slightly differently than I have past events.

Anyway, Forge Midwest was held right here in Madison.  I used my industry contacts to get us cheap prices at the Best Western- so cheap in fact, Ron Edwards and Matt Snyder paid for the meeting rooms, making the convention absolutely free to attendees!  How’s that for a deal?  Everyone is already talking about holding it here next year which is fantastic.

Friday, Tim and I got at the hotel pretty early- noon, and were some of the first people there.  I think some sort of boardgame was played, then Blood and Bronze, which I found rather unsatisfying.

I’m going to talk about Blood and Bronze here for a moment- I really like Gamism, and this is Gamism, but it doesn’t seem to be a kind of Gamism I enjoy.  I don’t know if it’s the negotiation-based gameplay, or if it’s a problem with the rules.  I’d rather just boast all the time and not engage with the wargame underneath.  I may go into more depth into this another time.

I ran Awesome Adventures that day, which was a decent game about cthonic wuxia.  Best moment- the cyborg flying vampire enemy is charmed into switching sides.

I finally played Trollbabe for the first time, which I posted about over on the Forge.  It was a good’un.

I played Emily Care Boss’s Sign in Stranger, a hillarious game which uses random words for creating setting descriptions.  It’s still in playtest, and I’m hoping to get a copy of it.

Also tried Jeepform, which is an interesting Scandinavian form of gaming that is a reaction to LARP, in the same way that indie/story games are a reaction to ‘traditional’ rpgs.  It used tighly framed scenes, and nothing I could identify as a resolution mechanic, to tell a very interesting story.  It was certainly a game, and an enjoyable experience, but one I’m still wrapping my head around.

Sunday, I got to run Mountain Witch, which was fun, though six players is quite a bit in a one-shot, and I felt up the mountain took too long, and I didn’t have enough time for the keep itself and the really meaty bits of the game, having to cut out the final rising tension arc.  I should have had tighter chapter requirements early on.  This game notably had no other Roleplaying Revolutionaries in it, (I didn’t drive all the way to the East side of Madison just to play games with people I play games with every week in the Central part of Madison!), but it did include fellow Madisonian Daniel, who I have not gamed with in some time, and Swede and Jeepplayer Tobias, who enjoyed it but also needed time to wrap his head around it.

Afterwards, Tobias, myself, and Mike Holmes had an orginially interesting and then increasingly frustrating conversation about gaming, roleplaying, GNS, and other things, which I decided to cut my losses and drop out of.  Which was good, because I got to playtest William Hessian’s Riot card game, which shows early promise, and helped him with some roadblocks he was having.

The downside, is that I didn’t sell as many copies of Awesome Adventures as I had hoped.  I still made sales, but I was gunning for just a few more, and I feel that if I had been more in it during the AA game or if the selling was better organized and/or highlighted, I would have done better.  Having that extra level of concern took time and energy away from what was really important, having fun and playing games.

That single negative note aside, it was a great weekend- great gaming, great people, great conversations, and great fun.


3 thoughts on “Here’s Some Stuff I Did at Forge Midwest

  1. Willow,

    I dunno what kind of arrangement it takes, but have you considered putting AA up on indiepressrevolution? Seems to get pretty good exposure, and Fred Hicks runs it, so a Fate based game might tickle him enough to post about it! (The Fred Hicks bump!)

    I usually hit rpgnow, indiepressrevolution and yourgamesnow for my online rpg fix (as well as lulu, but you got that covered), if that helps at all.


  2. It was a good time. I also dropped out of the convo with Tobias and you, as interesting as it was, I felt like there was a lot of talking-past-each-other going on, with no real revelations or resolutions in the offing. And I wanted to check out Riot before things wrapped up, since I invited Wil in the first place.

    The TMW game was great, even short. That game pretty consistently delivers, and I’m really jonesing for a multi-session run of it… unfortunately I’ll probably end up having to run it myself =\.

    Looking forward to next year!

  3. Oh yeah, sorry for having to bail on the Sundered Skies game, but I was turning green. The short nap I took in the lobby was just what I needed, but I was disappointed I didn’t get to play, especially after having rammed all my setting and genre elements down everyone’s throats (sorry ’bout that).

    I like the concept well enough that I might throw together my own, even more stripped down FATE hack (so, a hack of your hack of SotC, which is a hack of FUDGE) and run something in the same setting some time.

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