Gen Con Loot

I’m going to do this Gencon report a little bit differently than my past con reports, which were organized by day.  These posts are going to be organized by topic.

So first, a glimpse into my spending.  Here’s what I bought:

The new Maid RPG.

Reign Year One.

For just a few dollars, Vincent let me upgrade to the new version of Poison’d.  There’s more changes than he lets on.

Magic Burner, for BW.

The Battlestar Gallactica Boardgame, from Fantasy Flight.  It’s hot!

Tomb of Ice expansion for Descent.  It’s cold!

I picked up some Shadowfist singles (mostly Flashpoint uncommons), and traded for a number of rares that had been eluding me.  Even won some hard to find promos, like Noriko Watson, for doing well in Shadowfist tourneys.

Of course, my list of things bought pales in comparison to Tim’s.  The benefits of dating another geek- you don’t have to buy all the stuff.


3 thoughts on “Gen Con Loot

  1. That’s all? Man, I knew I spent way too much money.
    I didn’t end up buying all the stuff I planned to. And I also ended up picking up some surprises. Which I guess is par for the course. I did get Race for the Galaxy, once you guys proved it wasn’t as hard to grok as I’d heard. So, thanks for that. Also, I’m really glad I tracked down HotB before it sold out.

  2. Willow says:

    Most of the cool indie games I wanted to buy were bought by Tim- Mist Robed Gate, and 3:16 come immediately to mind.

    However, two fantasy flight games is not an insignificant purchase.

  3. Fair enough. But I also picked up *both* of Flying Frog’s big games, which were 50$ each. I sure hope I can get my peeps to play them >.<

    Maybe I can break them out in Peoria next weekend…

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