Buzz On Story Games

Awesome Adventures is getting some Awesome buzz over on Story Games after the big Con.

I only brought like seven copies with me to the convention, and I wasn’t in a both.  I ended up selling most of them to interested parties after hours.  (And a few during con-hours.)  Also handed one off to Fred Hicks to get in the IPR-review process.

Anyway, over on Storygames, Andy K said that was ‘the most indie thing he saw’ at the con.  Jason Morningstar called it ‘surprising’ and ‘awesome.’

And I went on another thread, titled, What Neat RPGs are on Lulu, intending to mention my game, only to find that the existence of my game was what spawned the thread itself.  Very cool.

If you picked up Awesome Adventures at the convention, or recently through Lulu, let me know how it’s treating you!


9 thoughts on “Buzz On Story Games

  1. Well, whatever kudos it’s getting, we know there is at least one guy who hates it *g*

    Speaking of, did you end up selling any copies to any of the folks we played with?

    I wish I could be at their table when someone suggests playing it… hee.

  2. Willow says:

    I didn’t sell a copy to the people I actually played it with, which is a little disheartening. I only brought enough character sheets (and possibly enough awesome) for one-session. What would have happened if I ran it for someone predisposed to play?

  3. SabreCat says:

    Heh, congratulations!

    I love the jabber about its being, like, /illegal/…

    C’mon, all the cool kids are doing it!

  4. Character sheets are so not needed, as long as you have an example in the book to work from.
    And I’m sure you could have faked some more awesome if you’d needed to. Hell, I did. =P
    Wait, what? Illegal?

  5. Hey, tell Ephram to listen to Clyde’s interview with Andrea Sfiligoi. The Familiars rpg that he wrote might be of interest to him wrt the kids.

  6. Oh, and also (call me spamboy!), if you get me yours and/or Tim’s email addy’s, I’ll send along those TMW zodiac-based character sheet pdfs and that Tentacle song I forgot to let you listen to.

  7. SabreCat says:

    If you read the Story Games threads, several folks remark about how it was probably against convention policy to go around selling stuff out of your backpack. You wanna sell stuff, get a vendor table, eh?

    Which all conjures up images of Awesome Adventures books sold in paper bags in secret corners behind the convention center, with all parties ready to vanish into the darkness at first sign of con security.

  8. Ewen says:

    My copy just came in the mail today. My motivation for getting it was basically, “I like FATE 3.0, but 400-page RPG books make my eyes bleed.”

  9. so, i found your contact info here, but it is wrong. for this, you are teh suck.

    email me already so i can send you these things.

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