Shadowrun: Mercenaries Style

So, one of the dream game ideas I’ve had recently is a game of Shadowrun, run in the style of the videogame Mercenaries.

Here’s some stylistic things that would need to be present in the game:

*Larger (and crazier) than life characters, even by Shadowrun standards.  Probably built on a higher point total.

*Conception of characters as a for-hire and for-profit Mercenary Company.  Perhaps almost vaguely legal, or an intentionally overlooked high-profile Shadowrunner group.  The powers that be let this group continue to exist, as long as it remains mostly in their best interests.

*Game focus on gameplay and action, rather than planning.  This requires some group consensus on the players to jump in on the action rather than stall, some sort of function for retroactive preparations (ex. spend a bennie to retroactively have bribed someone on the inside to open the gate for you), and a play focus on ‘hot runs’ rather than ‘cold runs,’ and a GM who won’t dick you over for minor (or glaring) tactical missions.  It’s about kicking ass and blowing shit up, not grueling gritty unforgiving hostile ‘realism.’

*Various corporate/national factions that all want to hire the PCs for their interests, but want you to hose over the other factions.

*NPCs are relatively forgiving of you blowing up their assets, as long as you’re willing to do a job for them…

*Lots of options of sidejobs and mainmissions.

*Some sort of random mission generator.  Stockpile of pregenerated maps, pregenerated security details, and possible mission objectives (with bonuses for collateral damage.)


2 thoughts on “Shadowrun: Mercenaries Style

  1. Tim says:

    I dunno…Shadow run always seemed to emphasize strategic planning and a certain ‘faux fantasy-noir’ flavor of investigation scenarios. In my experience with the game, Shadowrun is about drawn-out planning sessions interspersed with semi-tedious combats. At least the interaction with every NPC in both games is the same (posturing and trying to look too tough and cool to mess with).

    Savage Worlds, on the other hand, seems like a better fit for Mercenaries on the tabletop. I would play that.

  2. Willow says:

    I don’t think there’s anything in the rules that says you need to exhaustively plan. A lot of what you point out there seems like play techniques and social contract.

    Savage Worlds tabletop (maybe with a cyberpunk twist)? I’d run that, but I’m also a little fascinated by Shadowrun 4E.

    Oh, and I crossposted this post to

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