Shaking Up the Community

Ron Edwards posted a trifecta of posts on the Forge I found fascinating.  If you’re a publisher or consumer of indie games, you may want to read these threads, and think about how it might affect you.  Feel free to read them in any order you like.

The Forge Booth 2009, where Ron talks about how the Forge Booth will change next year at Gencon.  Maybe I’ll try to be a part of it next year.

Independence, Adept Press, and IPR, where Ron talks about why IPR isn’t fulfilling his needs anymore.

The New Thing, where Ron talks about a new, non-centralized fulfillment model.

One thought on “Shaking Up the Community

  1. Interesting.

    I freely admit that the splintering of the Forge diaspora has made the community feel less cozy to me- but I understand that that was partially illusory to begin with. Also it makes finding and judging the worth of individual games more problematic.

    But, progress is what it is, and won’t be held back. *shrug*

    I trust that Ron, Meg, Vincent & co know what they’re about, and that they have the best interests of the community as a whole in mind, so I no longer stress over it. Whatever will be will be.

    Thanks for the heads up, tho.

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