Fail Cats

So I was vacuuming.

I have three cats.  Two of them, Munkie! and Boris, are deathly afraid of the vacuum.  Natasha doesn’t like to get to close to it, but she’ll stay in the room and watch you, and scamper to someplace else when you start getting near to her.

So I get the vacuum out of the closet, and start getting ready to vacuum- uncurling the cord, plugging it in, etc.  Boris and Munkie! are watching from opposite sides of the room.

I turn it on.  Immediately, they both run towards the basement door.  We have a catflap in that door.

BAM!  They collide right in front of it.  For a moment, they’re on the floor, stunned and wondering what’s happening.  Then they recover, and get in the catflap and down those stairs.


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