The AgriCola Challenge

I recently got AgriCola as an early Christmas present, and decided to try my hand at the solo variant of the game.  Read about my adventures here.


4 thoughts on “The AgriCola Challenge

  1. See, my regular group loves games like this, but never wants to play Race for the Galaxy (which I picked up after playing with you, IIRC), or A Touch of Evil, or what have you.

    Someone please explain to me why people would rather play games about farming or trains or camels than games about interstellar empires or zombies or eldritch horrors?

    I don’t want to come home from game night and tell my friends “Oh, man, it’s too bad you guys couldn’t make it, we planted hella beans last night, it was crazy!” And if you don’t have a good story to tell afterwards, what’s the point?

  2. Willow says:

    The gameplay in Agricola is really really good.

    I’m surprised the don’t like Race for the Galaxy though. Most of the people I know who really like Agricola also really like Race for the Galaxy, and vice versa.

  3. I’m not saying any of the games they like are bad, in a gameplay sense. I’m just saying the themes are boring. *shrug* I’ve heard that German’s won’t buy games about anything interesting.

    I’ve only managed to get people to play RftG a couple times, and the first time I couldn’t remember how the victory points worked, so we gave up halfway in. The second time, I figured them out, and we finished a game. I really like it a lot, I don’t think the learning curve is as high as people complain that it is (apart from a couple of the more complex cards), and it takes a relatively short time to play, even the first time through. I’d play it more if it didn’t have such a bad (and false) reputation for being inaccessible. I think it’d be a cool game to get good at.

  4. Sh!t on a stick, did I just post “German’s”? WTF is wrong with me?
    *beats self about the head with a frozen mackerel*

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