What Sexy Deadly Archetype Am I?


Texas-born and bred, raised on black ops and wetwork, known throughout the back rooms of presidential palaces the world over. She used to be the world’s most expensive assassin, now she only works for fun. If you can find her, in Paris perhaps, or Milan, or the Florida Keys – then maybe, just maybe, she’ll take your mission. No warlord is safe, no tyrant secure, no fortress unassailable, when she’s out and on the prowl. She can drink the Russian army under the table and still shoot a dime out the air at a thousand yards. She can argue constitutional law and orgasm at the same time. She’s all-American, but she ain’t no cheerleader. She is Elite. …SPECIAL POWER… Once per game, Elite may take one of her discarded cards and return it to her hand, so she can play it again.

You can take the quiz too, and read about Sexy Deadly.

One thought on “What Sexy Deadly Archetype Am I?

  1. Hm. Sounds cool, but those quiz things are invariably poorly designed. There are 4 choices per question that clearly correspond to 4 archetypes, and it’s just a matter of which of them you assign the most answers to.

    To be done right, there would be an archetype for every possible combination of answers. Otherwise, half to a third of my answers are wasted because they don’t actually factor in to the final result.

    My femme fatale plans every mission meticulously, favors guns over melee weapons but can fight when she has to, and in a pinch can call on her latent psychic powers to cloud the minds of her enemies. She’s a bit fatalistic, but still dreams that some day she’ll get out of this racket and retire somewhere peaceful. Deep inside, though, she knows that people like her never really escape this lifestyle unscathed.

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