Games I Played in 2008

Games I Played in 2008

3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars: Ran several games, played in a session ran by Tim.

Ariel: Playtested this game.

Awesome Adventures: Ran a few sessions, notably at Gencon and Forge Midwest.

Beowulf: Played a session of this IAWA variant, ran by Tim.

Blazing Rose: Playtested the heck out of this.

Blood and Bronze: Played a few times.

Blood Red Sands: Ralph Mazza ran a playtest of this at Gencon.

Dogs in the Vineyard: Ran a couple of sessions.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Ran not one but two campaigns, played in several short adventures.

Escape from Tentacle City: Played many games of this.

Grey Ranks: Played a short campaign of this.

IAWA: Played many sessions ran by Tim, and ran many sessions.

MAID Rpg: Ran several short sessions.

Misery Bubblegum: Tony Lower-Basch ran a game of this at Gencon, and we did a playtest game.

Mist Robed Gate: Ran a game of this at Geekcon.

Mountain Witch: Ran a session at Forge Midwest.

Savage Worlds: Ran a game at the Grumbling Dwarf Meet & Greet.

Shab al-Hiri Roach: Played a game of this.

Sign in Stranger: Emily Care Boss ran this for us at Forge Midwest, then we played two playtest sessions of this.

Trollbabe: Ron Edwards ran this for me at Forge Midwest, and I ran a session for Tim and Len.

Under My Skin: Played this at Forge Midwest.

I’m probably missing a couple that I played in the first half of the year- most of my session notes are gone from the website I used.


4 thoughts on “Games I Played in 2008

  1. Don’t Rest Your Head at GenCon =P It may not have been the best game you played all year, but it still counts!

  2. Aww. I’m blushing. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it, although in hindsight there were some things I could have done better. But that’s always true, I suppose.

    I’m running it now for my Sunday group, trying an experimental approach- I’m only giving them the first half of the character sheet to start with. I explained Discipline and Pain. I’ll introduce Exhaustion once things start to get hairy. Then when I’m ready to really pull the rug out from under them, I’ll bring in Madness.

    First session went well, although almost no dice were rolled. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. oberonthefool says:

    FWIW, we finally wrapped that DRYH game last weekend. Due to interruptions and scheduling issues and occasional being-too-fried-to-do-it-justice, it took a while longer than any of us anticipated. Still, it came off pretty well and everyone had a good time.

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