War for the Throne

Here’s a preview of what I’m doing with the Faction Rules for War for the Throne.


Analogue: None

Aid: N/A

Unlike the other faction-stats, Size isn’t rolled. It’s really a measure of how much the faction can do at once, and how many people can pull it in different directions.

Average (1): The faction is too small to be divided on any practical level, but has its interior detractors and idealists. It’s small enough to be effectively ruled by a single person.

Fair (2): Large enough that not everyone in the faction knows each other. At this level, there can be a major schism within the faction, but at the same time, the faction can do more.

Good (3): The faction is a major player in the empire’s politics, and can effectively multitask in political affairs. It’s likely that there are multiple people with vested interests in the faction’s doings.

Great (4): The faction is huge, and likely has many inner rivalries, but it’s legions, spies, and wealth are practically without limit.


Analogue: Charm, Contacts, Empathy

Aid: Leadership, Contacts, Empathy

What sort of pull does the faction have?

Mediocre (0): Culturally backwater, with trouble getting reliable news from elsewhere.

Average (1): A decently sized gossip circle, spreading and tracking rumors.

Fair (2): A small court, with the occasional famous visitor, and minor contacts in other areas.

Good (3): A well-established court, frequented by distinguished members of other factions, with experienced courtiers and spies.

Great (4): The greatest social circle and/or spy network in the land. The secrets of others are bare to you. This faction is the center of culture.

What can you do with it?

Make friends and influence people.

Find out your enemy’s plan.

Trick your enemy.


Analogue: Fighting

Aid: Fighting, Leadership

What sort of armed forces can the faction leverage when fighting breaks out?

Mediocre (0): Bands of agitators, armed with peasant weapons, and poorly trained.

Average (1): A mix of trained troops, supported by peasant levies.

Fair (2): A small but well-trained private guard, mercenary group, or standing army.

Good (3): Well trained troops, well equipped, with good leadership, and an ace or two in the whole.

Great (4): The greatest armies of the land, well experienced, well armed, well supported, and with magical powers.

What can you do with it?

Invade your neighbors to kill them, seize their land, and sack their treasury.

Seize control of key sites, like the Imperial Palace.

Kill your enemies.


Analogue: None

Aid: Leadership

What sort of financial shape is the faction in?

Mediocre (0): The faction is on hard times. Most of the resources are hoarded away somewhere, and everything else is falling into disuse.

Average (1): Struggling, but getting there. The extravagant is out of reach, but there’s no problem paying for the day-to-day activities of the faction.

Fair (2): Relative financial success. In times of trouble, the faction can probably hire some mercenaries or consultants or magicians.

Good (3): Prosperity. The faction has reserves stored away. Faction members tend to be well supplied, well equipped, and well dressed.

Great (4): The greatest stores of wealth in the entire land- vast treasure vaults, monuments, and an extensive financial infrastructure.

What can you do with it?

Acquire rare and unusual items.

Pay for mercenaries.

Bribe your enemies.


Analogue: Endurance, Resolve

Aid: Leadership

How tenacious is the faction? When push comes to shove, will it stand firm, or will it yield to pressure?

Mediocre (0): Members of the faction are mewling sycophants, ready to lick the boots of anyone who presents them. It will not be long before this faction is defeated and sacked by a worthier one.

Average (1): Lip-service and token obedience. Low-level members of the faction, such as the peasantry, feel no particular loyalty to the leaders.

Fair (2): True feelings of loyalty and pride. Most members of the faction will give aid to another member of the faction they have never met.

Good (3): Great deal of devotion and loyalty. Members of the faction are proud of their affiliation. The peasants would rise up in rebellion against an invader.

Great (4): The faction’s morale is supreme. Key personnel would rather die than admit secrets. Profound, perhaps magically enforced loyalty to the faction’s leaders.

What can you do with it?

Make sure loose lips don’t sink ships.

Stop the enemy from messing with your faction.


2 thoughts on “War for the Throne

  1. oberonthefool says:

    Interesting. Are these all independently tracked? Some of them seem, if not intrinsically intertwined, at least enough so that it’s unlikely that a given faction would have, say, a 1 in category A and a 5 in category B; since having access to wealth beyond avarice could theoretically afford you the hiring of a vast spy network, or whatever.

    Does that even make sense?

  2. Willow says:

    Yeah, I get where you’re going with that.

    The more Size you have, the more points you’re going to get to spend. I think it’s unlikely that point spreads like that will be viable.

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