Open Grave

I just got D&D’s new sourcebook, Open Grave in the mail last night.  It’s a GM book, lots of undead monsters, lots of tips on using undead monsters, and a couple of undead-lairs.  It’s the same format as Draconomicon, which I enjoyed, but I think I’m likely to get even more use out of this one.

(Short note concerning Draconomicon- there’s a number of non-Solo dragons in there which is more useful for building encounters, but rubs me the wrong way.  I also don’t terribly like the way they did hatchling dragons, but that may just be because I did them differently in my own game.)

Anyway, I’ve only gotten to skim over the book, but I already love it- there’s a reference to my favorite movie.  Check out the Drowned Ghost- the art, the stat block, and the knowledge check.


One thought on “Open Grave

  1. SabreCat says:

    I really need to get that one, seeing as my own campaign is a whole “versus the undead army” thing.

    If it’s not on the shelf at Misty this Friday, I may just order it, or take a trip to Pegasus.

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