Retail: Garden of the Surreal

“Why is the drawer short $3?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

So, this lady was checking out at one of the registers, and had some coupons.  Usually when there’s coupons, we put them up on the counter so they’re out of the way and ring up the rest of the items, then handle the coupons last.

So the coupons are on the raised counter next to the price display and credit card reader.  And the lady must have been very intently looking at the price display, because some guy walked up and stole her coupons.  Just snatched them off the counter.

I don’t know if either of them saw it happen, or if they noticed later, but it escalated to management, who looked at the security tapes, and indeed, someone had stolen the coupons.  So we just gave the lady $3 (what she said her coupons were worth.)


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