Horror Movie Roles

After seeing Friday the 13th a few days ago, Tim and I had a conversation about what the real plot of Freddy vs. Jason was, who was more awesome (I prefer Jason, Tim prefers Freddy), and slasher killers as D&D roles.

We figured out that Jason is a Striker.  As Tim put it:

“Appear!  Machete!”

Jason dishes out lots of damage, has lots of stealth, and mobility, and as it happens, he’s also impossible to kill.

Freddy, as it happens, mostly messes with his opposition, weakening them and stressing them out before going in for the kill.  He’s clearly more of a Controller, putting status effects on the opposition.

Me: “So, both Defender and Leader depend on having others to work with- either taking the beatdown so someone else doesn’t, or buffing their allies.  That doesn’t seem to work within the slasher paradigm.”

Tim: “Pinhead is totally a Leader.”

I can see that.  He mostly bosses the other Cenobites around and has them do the fighting.  He’d be a good Leader for our evil-horror-movie-character party.

Neither of us can think of a good Defender character.  Sure Jason might have a ton of hit points and healing surges, but he works alone.  Any slashers out there that distract their victims and take the beating so someone else can slip in for the kill?


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