X-Box Away!

Yesterday my shipping box arrived, and today I sent out the x-box.  Pretty easy, the box had instructions, and I just opened it up, put in the x-box, taped it up, and slapped their shipping sticker on it.  I didn’t even need to pay UPS.  Sweet!

While I was over by Pegasus Games, I couldn’t help but stop in.  I had some store credit saved up, so I made a few purchases: Savage Worlds Sundered Skies, which is post-apocalypse fantasy air pirates, and Anima, which is by Fantasy Flight, might be a fantasy heartbreaker, and costs $60.  I’m not sure what’s going on with that game, but it’s exactly the kind of game I would have drooled over in college, so reading it is a big nostalgia trip.


One thought on “X-Box Away!

  1. oberonthefool says:

    I only found out about that Anima series of games (it’s a card game too) because I’m a fan of Wen-M, the guy who does the art.

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