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Games I Have Played

This list includes every published game I have played or GM’d. It does not include games in playtest, ashcans, or homebrew rules. Games using the same core rules, but still fundamentally different, or different editions of the same game are grouped together. I am certain that I have left off games, such as ones that were one-shots, or very short games during college.

3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

7th Sea

1001 Nights




Ars Magica

Beast Hunters

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Bliss Stage

Blood & Bronze

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Burning Wheel:
Burning Wheel, Revised
Burning Empires
Blossoms are Falling

Call of Cthulhu

Children of the Sun



Black Box D&D
D&D 2nd Edition
D&D 3rd Edition
D&D 4th Edition

d20 Modern
Mutants & Masterminds
True 20

Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Dirty Secrets

Dogs in the Vineyard


Don’t Rest Your Head

Dread (Jenga Version)

Dust Devils



Exalted (1st Edition)

Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Awesome Adventures
Spirit of the Century

Grey Ranks



4th Edition/Champions
5th Edition/5th Ed. Revised

In a Wicked Age


It Was a Mutual Decision

Legend of the 5 Rings
1st Edition
2nd Edition
3rd Edition


Mist Robed Gate

Mortal Coil

The Mountain Witch

My Life With Master

Paranoia XP



Prime Time Adventures

Savage Worlds


Shab al-Hiri Roach

Shadow of Yesterday

Shadowrun 3rd Edition
Shadowrun 4th Edition

Shooting the Moon

Sons of Liberty


Star Wars d20



Weapons of the Gods

World of Darkness
Changeling: the Dreaming
Mage: the Ascension
Vampire: the Masquerade
World of Darkness
Vampire: the Requiem
Mage: the Awakening
Promethean: the Created


That’s 83 games if you count different editions of the same game as being different games, which can be argued either way for many of the items on the list. It’s 60 different rules systems, give or take, depending on whether you count things like 7th Sea and L5R as different systems, or the different incarnations of White Wolf’s die pool system through different genres.

Bob Baran

Before it came up on my Pandora playlist and I saw the title of the song, I was convinced the Beach Boys’ song Barbara Ann was about a man named Bob Baran.

(And wouldn’t you know it, that song comes up as I’m making this post.)



I Watched the Watchmen

Recently, I saw the collected Watchmen graphic novel on the shelves of Walmart, and picked it up.  I read it at breakneck pace over the course of a week, and was engrossed.

Tim and I just got back from seeing the movie.  I’ll say this- it is amazing.  the ending changed- I think for the better- the soul of the book, the grit, grime, and skeletons in the closet are there.  The action is good- I’d say the action scenes are better than the comic, though that may be stylistic preference.  And they kept my favorite line from the whole book (slightly changed, but still there.)  In essence, it’s an amazing adaptation, squeezing in as much of the story as possible and doing a great job.

I want to watch it again, like right now.  I’ll be picking up the DVD of this as soon as it comes out.

Awesome Adventures Needs Reviews

Recently, I did a search for posts about Awesome Adventures, which is a pain in the butt for a number of reasons, number one being it’s a really common turn of phrase.

Anyway, I can’t find a single review or actual-play report, except for those that I wrote.  This is a problem.

If you’ve read, enjoyed, and played Awesome Adventures, I need you!  Write up a review, or even just a short actual-play report, and you’ll have my gratitude.