Awesome Adventures Needs Reviews

Recently, I did a search for posts about Awesome Adventures, which is a pain in the butt for a number of reasons, number one being it’s a really common turn of phrase.

Anyway, I can’t find a single review or actual-play report, except for those that I wrote.  This is a problem.

If you’ve read, enjoyed, and played Awesome Adventures, I need you!  Write up a review, or even just a short actual-play report, and you’ll have my gratitude.


One thought on “Awesome Adventures Needs Reviews

  1. SabreCat says:

    Yeah, that’s a rough one. I have a Google Alert for “Blazing Rose,” and of course 99% it’s somebody’s clever title for a photo of a flower. ^.^;

    Oddly enough… I don’t think I’ve ever played Awesome Adventures, like, officially. I played in that Spirit of the Century one-shot that could have been called an embryonic Awesome Adventure. (I noticed you used my character from it in a few examples in the final book!) But I don’t think I can honestly write an AP report.

    I can reread and maybe write an RPGnet review or the like, though?

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