I Watched the Watchmen

Recently, I saw the collected Watchmen graphic novel on the shelves of Walmart, and picked it up.  I read it at breakneck pace over the course of a week, and was engrossed.

Tim and I just got back from seeing the movie.  I’ll say this- it is amazing.  the ending changed- I think for the better- the soul of the book, the grit, grime, and skeletons in the closet are there.  The action is good- I’d say the action scenes are better than the comic, though that may be stylistic preference.  And they kept my favorite line from the whole book (slightly changed, but still there.)  In essence, it’s an amazing adaptation, squeezing in as much of the story as possible and doing a great job.

I want to watch it again, like right now.  I’ll be picking up the DVD of this as soon as it comes out.


2 thoughts on “I Watched the Watchmen

  1. oberonthefool says:

    I was super-leery when I heard they were doing it. I knew it would be possible to do it well, but highly unlikely that it actually would be done well.

    All the reviews I’ve heard say it is about as faithful to the graphic novel as could be asked for, but that very faithfulness prevented it from being a better movie than it was.

    I understand what they’re saying- film is, indubitably, a different medium; with different ways and means. I respect that.

    That said, as a fan of the original work, I’m going to say that faithfulness to the source material is the side to err on.

    Therefore, I probably will see the movie while it’s in theaters. I hadn’t planned to, but… they had me at “faithful”.

    Plus, the movies of V for Vendetta and Sin City were both hella good, so there’s evidence that it can be done.

  2. Willow says:

    I didn’t terribly like V for Vendetta, but I hadn’t read the comics. On the other hand, I loved Sin City, and checked out the comics because of it.

    The amazing opening credits scene is on the interwebs. I think this has some of the most poignant moments of the film in it.

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