Two Game Ideas

Game Idea #1:

So, this comes by way of Mist Robed Gate’s wirework rules, PTA’s fan mail, Dust Devil’s conflict resolution, and a little bit of (gasp) Universalis and Fan Mail.

Anyway, you’ve got characters.  The players have ten poker chips each, of different colors.  (I.e. one color per player).  When somebody does something cool, give them a chip.  When people get into conflict, they should describe the cool moves they’re doing, and people should give them chips.  Once you know what people want (stakes) and what they’re doing to get it (cool moves), everyone blindly bids.  Take some of the chips people gave you, and hold them out.  Everyone reveals at once.

Whoever bid the most chips gets what they want.  However, whoever had the most chips of their color bid gets to narrate.  So if Tim, Brendan and I are in a conflict, and Tim bids 3 chips (2 of mine, 1 of B’s), Brendan bids 5 (3 of mine, 2 of Tim’s) and I bid 4 (2 of Brendan’s 2 of Tim’s), Brendan wins the conflict, but I had the most chips of my color bid, so I get to narrate and say how things go down- and in big massive conflicts, I get the say-so on what happens for other people’s stakes.  Then all the bidded chips go back to their owners, to be passed out again for other people doing cool stuff.

Game Idea #2

This one is a boardgame based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which I’m reading right now.  Basically you’ve got different kingdoms vying for power.  You conquer territories to get influence and resources, which you bid in an auction for the loyalty of different generals and tacticans.  Then you deploy these generals on the field, maneuver them around, to conquer territories, to get more resources, to keep the loyalty of your generals and sway away others.

I’m thinking there’s three decks of cards- a loot deck, gained by winning battles and holding key locations, a strategy deck, with special cards, and a kingdom deck, with both kinds of cards and unique towards the different kingdoms.  Yuan Shao’s kingdom for example, has lots of generals but they aren’t very loyal, and his indecisiveness probably comes out in him not getting as many actions as other characters.

Bribe your opponent’s generals away with grain, armies, special weapons, legendary horses, and wives!


One thought on “Two Game Ideas

  1. oberonthefool says:

    At Go Play Peoria, a game called (I think) Shinji was played, that had some really neat stuff along these lines. I believe it was based in Japanese history rather than Chinese, but they are similar enough that it’s probably worth a look. Also, I am given to understand that it’s a really fun game. It sounded good, from the next table over. Ralph (Mazza) was one of the players, I couldn’t tell you the others because my memory for names is crap.

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