Cyberpunk 4E

D&D 4th edition gets in your brain and infects everything else you look at.  Shadowrun is cool, but wouldn’t it be cooler if it were D&D 4th edition… in the future?  Shadowrun already essentiallty being D&D (go into the dungeon… Imean skyscraper, get the MacGuffin, get out), it makes sense.  And cyberpunk is cool.

I realize I’m not the only person to have pondered this, and I’m unlikely to actually write such a thing, unless my muse makes me, but here’s how I would do it if I did.

Martial Power Source:  Dudes that buff themselves up through training, cyberware, and kill things with skill and guns.  Powers are called Exploits.

The Samurai: Defender.  For good or ill, the Street Sam is a SR archetype.  Street Sams can get in close with close combat weapons for marking, or use automatic fire and mark their enemies with supression fire.

The Razerboi/Razergrrl: Striker.  Get in close, whack them with your funky cyberware.

The Assassin:  Striker.  Shoot ’em in the head.  Or maybe the class is Gunbunny, and Assassin is one of the builds.  Maybe this and the Razerboi are actually the same class.

The Commander:  Leader.  Like the Warlord, but with more guns.

‘Net Power Source:  Dudes that have lots of tech, and rely on attacking enemies with their tech, or attacking the enemies tech, and hacking stuff.  Powers are called Hacks.

The Rigger:  Striker.  You get lots of robots and send them out to do your bidding!

The Overwatch:  Leader.  Buff your enemies… through the internet.

The Crasher:  Controller.  Hack your enemies, and damage them with the internet.

Arcane Power Source.  Dudes that have magic spells and stuff.  Powers are called Spells.

The Mystic Warrior: Defender.  Empowers himself with magic to be badass.  More like the Warden than the Swordmage.  Also guns.  Not really that controllery.

The Enchanter:  Leader.  Buffs, spells, and good effects for your allies.

The Conjurer:  Controller.  Focus on summoning spells, area of effect conjurations and zones.

One thought on “Cyberpunk 4E

  1. Willow says:

    Of course, I could just play Ebberron, and really play up the cyberpunk angle.

    But I really want to play a Dwarf Conjurer with a Minigun.

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