Increasingly Bizarre

Tim being a long time Vampire GM, and me being a smart alec, I like to ask Tim increasingly bizarre Vampire “rules” questions.

(Tim’s note: These are all weird, GM discretion answers.  Which of course, is why I asked these questions.)

Me: “So, infants don’t have teeth.  If you Embrace one, does it grow fangs?”

Tim: “Yes.  Why are you asking me this?”

Me:  “How about a really old guy, and all his teeth have fallen out.”

Tim:  “Yes.  He’d grow fangs.”

Me:  “How about a guy who the lower half of his face was blown off in The War?”

Tim:  “The War?”

Me:  “Yeah, in The War.”

Tim:  “I guess not in that case.  Or if he was a Nosferatu, he might grow a skull jawbone.”

Me: “Cool.”

Tim: “…”

Me: “Can you ghoul invertabrates?  Like spiders and stuff?”

Tim: “Yeah, I guess.”

Me:  “How about mosquitos?”

Tim: “NO!”

Me:  “I mean, they probably wouldn’t want to feed on vampires, vampires not smelling like food and all.  But if they did for some reason, they’d be ghouled, right?”

Tim:  “I suppose.”

Me: “Could they spread that Ghouling?”

Tim: “Mosquitos don’t spread blood, and there wouldn’t be enough Vitae anyway.”

Me:  “Man, it would hurt getting fed on by a Ghoul mosquito.  It would have a level of Potence and everything!  Full health level of damage, BAM!”

Tim:  “…proportionate to mosquito strength.  So not really.”

Me: “Who would win in a fight….”

Tim: “This is stupid.”

Me: “Dracula…. or Superman?”

Tim: “Sigh.”


One thought on “Increasingly Bizarre

  1. oberonthefool says:

    Well, Dracula could never penetrate Superman’s skin with his fangs. But he could hypnotize him- Superman has shown a weakness to supernatural power, and his overwhelming puissance would suggest that he’s never needed to develop his willpower to any great degree.

    So, if Drac got the drop on Supes and put the whammy on him, he’d have an unstoppable minion. But he’d get tired maintaining it, and eventually Big Blue would break free and come for him. Then he’s pretty much hosed, since none of his other powers could really harm Superman.

    He might use his smoke form to escape, but Supes could probably just inhale him and then exhale him into a bottle, or into a container of holy water; or hell, just into direct sunlight.

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