3 Fallout 3 Achievements Made Easy!

So, Fallout 3 has an Achievement for hitting level 30 with Good, Evil, or Neutral Karma.  Which is potentially 30 long levels of playing, assuming you already have level 20s at each of those.  So sure, you’ll probably get those achievements eventually, but I’d rather get them now and then level at my own pace.  Here’s how!

1:  Be on the cusp of level 29.  Save your game.

2.  Hit level 29.  Take the Here and Now perk, instantly gaining a level.

3.  Hit level 30.  Take the Escalator to Heaven perk to set your karma to good, the Devil’s Highway to set it to evil, or the Karmic Rebalance to set it to neutral.  Bag the achievement for hitting level 30 with that alignment.

4.  Reload and do it again twice more.

5.  Reload and play as you normally would with your level 29 character.


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