Walking (and Talking) Eyes

Hey everyone, in April I was interviewed for the Walking Eye Podcast, and now it’s on the intertubes, right in time for Gencon.  We talk about Awesome Adventures, a little bit about Escape from Tentacle City, and how I got into gaming and game design.  Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Walking (and Talking) Eyes

  1. oberonthefool says:

    by strange coincidence, today is the day I had set aside for the downloading of casty things. TWE among them. Breelliant!

  2. Brendan says:

    That’s a nice cast. I’d like to see what child Willow came up with trying to reverse engineer D&D based only on Dragon magazine.

    • Willow says:

      HQ was very board based, so I mostly remember new tiles (for outdoor settings), and some sort of megaparty rule to get more than just the 4 standard characters.

  3. Tim Jensen says:

    It sounds like it might have led to Descent: Road to Legend eventually.

    That, or Chainmail with flying sword princesses.

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