Gencon Pictures

Sabe and James: Ready for Gencon
Sabe and James: Continuing to be Ready for Gencon
Me and Tim: Ready for Gencon
1st Gas Stop, Roadranger, Mendota Ill.
Yup, Mendota
Glad to be at the hotel.
Post Forge Booth setup lunch.
More lunch.
Sabe chats with Misha.
I show off my new phone.
Empty dealer’s hall on Thursday morning before they let the rabble in.
Adam from the Forge Booth, moments after jumping out of an exploding helicopter.
Some of the many fine games at the Forge Booth.
Fine ashcans of the Forge Booth.
A very busy dealer hall on Saturday, with all the rabble in it.
Aftermath of the Saturday fire alarm.
Aftermath: the Continuing
Sat. Dinner at Ram with Sabe and Misha
Tim and Me at the Ram
More of Us.
The Ram’s gaming decorations
Tearing down the Forge Booth Sunday afternoon.
Increasingly empty dealer hall.
View from one of our windows.
Another view.
Sabe + Misha
Sabe + Misha + FAN SERVICE
Me & Tim
James & Kevin
James & Kevin, sadly no YAOI FAN SERVICE
Kevin plus special lunch guest Rob Bohl
This is as close as we’ll get to Yaoi, so enjoy it while you can.
No Oitering!
We paid a 1 cent/gallon premium here for the irony of shopping at a place named “gas.” It was worth it.

Cosplayers! Gotta catch ’em all!



One thought on “Gencon Pictures

  1. James says:

    I like the Kung-fu action shot the best.

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