Are You a Cylon?

Here’s a quickie free game I wrote for Game Chef.  Are You a Cylon?


3 thoughts on “Are You a Cylon?

  1. oberonthefool says:

    A clever variant. The only thing I’d add is rules for letting the Scientists also end up a Sleeper. Having to fudge to ensure the Scientist gets a Colonial card seems inelegant to me, and what could be a better existential crisis for a player than to discover they’ve been Airlocking their fellow Cylons all along, and suddenly have to switch strategies?

    Hm… having the Scientist end up a Sympathetic sleeper would be problematic though… unless there were provisions for Cylon on Cylon violence? I’ve never watched the show, so I dunno if that fits the setting or not.

    Other than my one small gripe, I dig it. I bet plenty of BSG fans will try this.

  2. Adam Drew says:

    What’s the point of telling the Scientist that the Cylon detector is unreliable at first and reliable later, when in fact it is reliable at all times?

  3. Willow says:

    Because it’s not 100% reliable in the first half. There are Cylons out there, but not even the game moderator knows who they are. The Cylon detector cannot detect them, because their identities have not been established.

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